Continuing Education for Pastors


HolyspiritAnthony Price recommends a course he has completed on Leadership and Spirituality through SENTIR. Anthony writes:

“As part of Masters studies I did a subject called “Group Leadership, Spirituality and Organisational Practice” through the Ignatian/Jesuit Spirituality team called Sentir in Melbourne. I can highly recommend this training institution and in particular this type of course for lay people and pastors in our LCA as it relates to congregations, schools and other institutions of our church. This course is good at combining good business and organisational principles with biblical and prayer resources. The Ignatian tools are a good fit for our Lutheran Church since they are biblical tools and grounded in a tradition that is also sacramental. This course models the following teaching methods: individual prayer/reflection time, learning to listen to others, group sharing and various teaching input. It equipped me with what I believe is missing in a lot of the business meetings that we do in our church and that is a prayerful and discerning way of doing business in our meetings. To put it another way, this course equips congregations, committees, ministry groups and organisations at being open to leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit through the power of the Word.”  

A brochure on this course is available by clicking here – and that brochure also gives you access to the SENTIR website.


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