Continuing Education for Pastors


[Also peruse the General Studies page for resources on Pastoral Theology Studies.]

asteriskClinical Pastoral Education.  For a pastoral learning experience geared to your personal ministry needs, CPE is hard to beat. In Australia the various States have their own accredited CPE bodies, as does New Zealand. But for information on them all, and for further basic information on CPE, check out the SA/NT Association for CPE website – and follow the links from there.


enterThe Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies [Cambridge] offers an on-line MA in Pastoral Theology.



enterGraduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction – Tabor College.

(For copy of brochure on this, click here.)

Anthony Price has completed work in this area, and strongly recommends this course. He writes:

‘I would like to recommend the following course under the section of “Pastoral” on the CEP website.

Here’s some relevant information that you could add in addition to this.

“Tabor College in South Australia now runs an excellent ecumenical course through its Graduate Diploma of Spiritual Direction. See It consists of an academic and practical formation program of 2 years that accredits one to be a Spiritual Director and affiliation with the Ecumenical Spiritual Director’s Association of South Australia. There are also non-academic pathway options that one can discuss with the course coordinator. Non-academic options can consist of: a) doing a cut down course for those who have already done some informal or part spiritual direction training by auditing some of the subjects; and b) auditing the subjects for professional development purposes if one is already a spiritual director.””




















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