Continuing Education for Pastors

General Studies


This page contains information on general theological studies; e.g. whole degree studies, across the broad spectrum of theological disciplines. Most are post-graduate studies. And most are available on-line or through distance education.

Check out with each institution the possibility of undertaking units within a course, rather than having to enrol in the full degree program.

enterUse this button to access websites.



Check out the Australian Lutheran College website. ALC provides a wide-range of post-graduate studies, and in a variety of modes and packages. Talk with them about tailoring something to your specific needs.

enterAlso check out the Grassroots website – a sub-set of the ALC website.

___________________________________________________________________ was initially  a division of Christian University GlobalNet® (CUGN). Created in February 1998 as a major partnership among the colleges, universities, and seminaries of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, CUGN was later restructured as a separate nonprofit corporation to focus on a mission of reaching learners worldwide with affordable and accessible Christian worldview learning opportunities.


enterThe University of Notre Dame runs a program called STEP (the Satellite Theological Education Program), which provides online courses firmly grounded in the tradition of the Catholic Church.


enterFlinders University, Adelaide, offers post-graduate theological studies. Available externally.


enterAustralian Catholic University post graduate studies.


enterTrinity College, University of Melbourne. Online studies.


  enterInstitute of Lutheran Theology located in Brookings, SD, USA


enterThe University Aberdeen has a range of post-graduate on-line theological courses.


enterThe University of St Andrews School of Divinity.


enterThe Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies [Cambridge] says this of its courses:  ‘Orthodox theological education, when it is most true to itself, engages both the head and the heart – not the rational mind alone but the whole human person. The Institute’s approach to learning is based on this model, recognising the essentially holistic and experimental nature of Orthodox theology. One sign of this is the intimate and organic link it seeks to maintain between study and worship by integrating the learning cycle into the liturgical cycle.’


Dear students and faculties,

We are pleased to present MyKomms University to University of Divinity.

MyKomms is a leading brand in the provision of educational content, and is finally opening its online library and study facilities for the first time to students and faculties.

MyKomms has several students from University of Divinity working as interns, and following the requests of your fellow students, we are sending out this email so that study materials can be easily and freely accessed.

The aim is to reduce the cost of studying for students by decreasing the amount of text books they may need to acquire. Equally, it is important to help manage “University of Divinity Library Spaces”.

The contents are far from complete and are built “on the go” by over 197 top professors from leading universities. It is important that students visit the online library from time to time to access newly added materials.

For questions regarding scholarship, internship and job opportunities for students – contact

Get started now by visiting – simply select your area of studies and you are on!

All the best in your studies,

From the Dean


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