Continuing Education for Pastors


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This website is for the professional development of pastors of the Lutheran Church of Australia. For that reason, some of its pages are password protected. The website contains information on the Continuing Education for Pastors program, as well as resources and suggestions for ongoing study. It is an interactive website, and pastors are encouraged to use it for the exchange of thoughts, ideas and suggestions. We are beginning small, but are sure it will grow bigger.

about the programIn essence, the LCA’s CEP program consists of each pastor engaging in a minimum of 40 hours of professional development study per year.

Each pastor’s study program is decided upon by the pastor, in consultation with his calling body and others whom he may choose, and is intended to address the immediate learning needs in the life and ministry of the pastor.

All necessary information for the operation of the program can be found in the Basics section of this website.


‘When a pastor says
“I don’t have time to study”, he is confessing that he doesn’t have time for the ministry.’

 This is the rather confronting  statement John Pless makes in a recent article about pastors’ continuing education.

 On this and other similar  articles, Read More. . . 


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